Hiring a Professional Maid Service Gives You the Gift of Time

In the world we live in today, it seems there are simply not enough hours in the day to fulfill every demand of keeping a household. Busy family schedules and careers are the center of many families on the go, especially in cities like Dallas and Ft. Worth where the thriving community and entertaining atmosphere can often leave household chores in the dust.

However, somehow, the work must get done to avoid the anxiety of living in a messy home. More and more families are trying to find ways to cut down on cleaning time to enjoy the better, more exciting things in life. If you find yourself doing the same, consider how much time you actually spend each week cleaning up.

For many families, cleaning time adds up to several tiring hours a week, especially for those with children, and that is just covering the basics. According to a Bureau of Labor 2012 general estimate based on typical American households:

  • Approximately 82% of women report doing daily household chores
  • Approximately 65% of men report doing household chores on a daily basis
  • Men spend slightly less time, about 2 hours , while women spend about 2.6 hours on these activities per day
  • 48% of women report doing cleaning or laundry on a daily basis while 65 % of women cook daily, men average 20% and 39% respectively in the same categories

So to be straightforward, women that spend 2.6 hours per day, every day of the week, will spend just over 18 hours a week cleaning their homes while men will spend roughly 14 hours doing the same basic household chores. This of course, is combined with the typical American work week that consists of 40 hours or more. The numbers themselves are tiring to look at.

On the other hand, there are simple solutions to having a clean home without using up so much of your time. Hiring a maid service is one of those solutions and happens to be the one service that requires nothing from you except coming home to a clean home every time.

Sure, you’re fully capable of performing these household tasks on your own, but a professional maid service can be there to handle household work that may be competing with valuable time with the kids, and of course, who isn’t in need for some quality R&R?

We have all experienced those unexpected moments when relatives drop in for a surprise visit. The panic sets in and you start assigning chores to each family member hoping that somehow the smudges get cleaned off of the bathroom mirror and the furniture has been dusted properly instead of just swiped over once.  Hiring a professional maid service instantly eliminates the worry and leaves you carefree with plenty of time to prepare other important things for their arrival.

Our professional maid service will provide you with flexible schedules, trustworthy service and a guaranteed spotless home, worry-free, every time.

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