Our Story

168684_1652618549523_6525491_nThe company inception came due to the lack of qualified cleaning services at a reasonable price. Paul and I decided to set out on our own and hire a staff that we would personally train knowing that they would meet our expectations.  I created a checklist so the client, as well as our team, knows what services will be maintained at each visit.  To ensure the comfort of the client we are insured and bonded.

Our team puts in 110% effort in every home and our goal is to focus on the details that are often missed by other companies.  Our standard clean includes items that are typically only completed on a deep clean or for extra fees.  We send a team of at least two people to every home and they average 5+ years of cleaning experience.

My husband and I were both born and raised in the North Dallas Area.  I graduated from Texas Tech University with my MBA and have been in the business field for many years.  I have always been detail oriented (to the extreme) and anyone that knows me can attest to this. I feel the quality of service our company provides will meet the highest of expectations.  We would love the opportunity to provide our cleaning service for your business or home!

-Cassandra Rodriguez