Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

As most homeowners know, the kitchen is often the busiest and most used part of the house. As the most central part of the house, our kitchens have become the one room that usually tends to gather the most clutter with a slew of tempting new gadgets and unnecessary items that seemed necessary at the time. Let’s face it, we can’t resist kitchen sales during a shopping trip!

Before you know it, there are countless pots and pans stacked on top of each other, mismatched Tupperware spilling out of the cabinets and endless amounts of pantry items that have gathered dust. Luckily, for those of you who have experienced this domestic nightmare, there are plenty of easy DIY projects out there to help organize your kitchen.

Here are a few simple tips to help get you started:

Tip 1:

Eliminating countertop and drawer clutter are the best ways to keep your kitchen infinitely more organized. Avoid keeping every appliance out on the countertop, and instead use countertop space for essential, everyday items such as coffeemakers and toasters. Many of us tend to keep fruit out on the counter in baskets, but this cuts down on counter space that you could otherwise use for cooking space. A more decorative idea that is also very practical is to attach fruit baskets to a wall as illustrated by this pinner:

Fruit / Vegetable storage

Also, rather than keeping your main cooking utensils in a container on the counter or in drawers, The Created Home came up with the amazing idea of hanging mason jars by curtain hooks on any wall space you may have in your kitchen. While The Created Home uses the mason jars for flowers, we certainly think basic utensils such as spatulas and wooden spoons would have a perfect home here.

Tip 2:

Well organized pantries make the cooking process less frustrating, mainly because the necessary products are so much easier to find. Now we all know that pantries can become a huge mess simply because, with so much space, canned goods usually get pushed back and we lose track of what we actually have in stock. An easy way to combat this is to use a wire magazine rack to stack cans. This also gives your pantry a more organized and polished look.

Store smaller cans of food in the pantry by turning a magazine holder on its side. Place bobby pins through the end to stop cans from rolling out.


Another great and inexpensive pantry idea is to purchase a door hanging jewelry organizer to store goods such as packaged seasonings, protein bars and snacks. Be sure to store the snacks in the lower pouches to ensure easy access for the kiddos!



Tip 3:

Giving yourself better access to your pots and pans allows you to avoid the noisy clatter of trying to find the right one. Simply by attaching hooks to the top of a cabinet shelf, your pots and pans will have a more organized home. This however, does require a little bit more effort but is definitely worth the time spent. This tool is also something you may consider getting done by a custom cabinet maker. You can store the corresponding lids in the shelf above, and store baking sheets in the space below the hanging pots and pans. This pinner shows us just how great this idea looks:

So much better than trying to stack them . Baking  sheets could go under pans.

Kitchen organization is made simple by these few steps. It can be a daunting process so be sure to give yourself some time and don’t try to tackle it all in the same day. Here’s to the end of cabinets brimming with kitchen tools and the back aches you’re sure to acquire while digging through stacks of pans- happy organizing!


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